Who Are We

Online services are going by now beyond communicating people to each other. It becomes more relevant to the life style and the worldwide trend of easing customer life. Customer's demands are escalating by time, and digital technology is evolving rapidly. People are searching nowadays for a trustful solution to save time and effort while ensuring that the service is done properly. “Time is Money ..!! ” Are you suffering from time yo ... More

“ Time is Money ”

Are you suffering with time you spend in:
  • Subscriptions
  • Governmental Transactions
  • Regrouped Purchases
  • Urgent Correspondences
  • Attestations
  • Submissions & Approvals

You do not need to do all the above by yourself from now on. Your Customer Service application “ MOKHOLSATAY” will take care of your needs just by – a click.

Our Services


  • Clubs
  • Syndicates
  • Health Insurance
  • Social Insurance

Governmental Transactions

  • Traffic Fine Payment
  • Compulsory Military
  • ID Documents
  • Company Registration
  • Work Permits

Regrouped Purchases

  • Stationaries
  • Electric Supplies
  • Sanitary Supplies
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Technical Support

Urgent Correspondences

  • Correspondences
  • Packages Exchanging
  • A cross the Country
  • Personal Gifts


  • Consulates
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Banks
  • Ministry of Education

Submissions & Approvals

  • Ministries
  • Municipalities
  • Utilities
  • Chamber of Commerce

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